Become a Facebook Expert

We all know how big Facebook has become and it is still growing every day. Facebook has evolved and it is not only used as a connection between friends and keeping them updated with daily life. Today, it is much more than that and seen as a powerful marketing tool to help businesses from all industries grow and be heard. As a business owner it is crucial to have your Facebook radar on point, and know all the essentials on how to use Facebook to leverage your business to success. You’re in luck because at Wild, we offer Facebook Training.


We offer a complete course on Business Page setup, Content Management, Organic and Paid. Our course has been designed and filled with so much value and vital information that all business owners should know about Facebook.


In this course you will take away the best practice of setting up your Facebook Page in the correct manner. Know the guidelines of a good profile picture and different interesting you can use your cover photo. We will take you through the different types of posts that you can create to provide you with a well thought out content strategy in place. Learn about all the tips and tricks on what makes good content that could potentially go viral. How to strategically implement these ideas into a conversational calendar and then optimise your Page so that you know how to keep track of your posts and find out what works and act upon this accordingly.


Advance your knowledge and learn about paid strategies for increasing your reach with Facebook ads and boosted posts. We will train you on how Paid Facebook ads work and teach you how to choose the right campaign for your business model. Master the paid campaign tool and become proficient in targeting the right audiences, whilst creating the ad to a professional standard. We’ll teach you to manage and monitor the performance of your ads and how to keep a good track on your return on investment(ROI) with Facebook Insights to ensure you build a thriving and engaged Facebook community.


Business Page Set Up

Topics include:

– Set up Facebook Business Page correctly

– A good profile photo

– Different cover photo ideas

– APP’s you could use

– Tools and resources



Topics include:

– Importance of reach and engagement

– A good content strategy

– Types of publication

– Conversational Calendar

– Optimisation



Topics include:

– Introduction to paid campaigns

– Choose the right campaign for your business

– What audiences are available?

– How to choose the right audiences?

– Creating the actual ad

– Testing and tracking


We can tailor the training into a 1 day or 2 days course, it’s entirely up to you. We cannot stress enough how all businesses must have an active Facebook strategy and a good presence on Facebook because of how people now use Facebook to search. There are many benefits of having a Facebook Business Page but the following are to name a few:

– Consistent social media strategy and brand communication

– Reaching out to potential new customers and clients

– Getting more traffic to your website and people coming into your store

– Grow your conversion to get more leads or sales

– Increase the loyalty of your existing clients


A good Facebook Business Page can help connect and market directly to your customers that are most interested in your products and services. Dive deeper and learn how to set up a Facebook account exclusively for businesses and build your Business Page that successfully promotes your brand. Learn how businesses use Facebook to drive traffic, generate leads, gain valuable insights about their customers and increase online conversions in this easy to follow, fun Facebook training course.

Facebook marketing is effective and it works, do not miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the top.